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Dear students, parents, teachers and colleague musicians, 


Welcome to SONOROUS! 


SONOROUS is an original collection of Piano Solos from beginner to intermediate-advanced level adopting the 21st century view of music education, in which the enjoyment of performance is the priority. Each of the pieces presented in this book has been meticulously composed as complementary material for the young players and their teachers, encouraging students to perform and experience their musical achievements on stage.


To all students at the beginning of their musical journey, supporting parents, and teachers who have the beautiful opportunity to introduce the wonders of the piano to the young soul, thank you! You contribute to a better world! 

Harold Guti.


SONOROUS No. 1 emphasizes the technical aspects of the first encounter of the young student with the piano. The first seven pieces are written with the primary elements: basic rhythm, coordination of fingers with their numbering response and hands alternation, over black keys. All these based on the principle in which rhythm is the foundation of music understanding; but always with interesting melodies and sophisticated harmonic implications. The next set of pieces includes more elements of music notation such as melodic contour, pitch direction and simple hand coordination, while reading in the staff around the middle C and on C position. Tempo marks, dynamics and accidentals are only used in the second half of the book after solidifying the basic elements.  


With the teacher’s guidance and advice, the student will focus on the performance aspects and will build confidence by understanding new concepts through their practical use. Theory is not the main aspect in this book; it is not a method. Instead, “music making” is the primary goal acknowledging the capabilities of children in our current high-tech-digital era, in which the young minds absorb at an incredible pace. Friendly technical material (scales and exercises) can be found as bonus at the end of the book.  


From Soaring Birds to White Streets, SONOROUS No. 1 presents a wide variety of fun pieces along with educational content valuable to the young piano player.  This repertoire has been tested and “approved” by my beginning young students during our daily teaching sessions.  Have fun with this wonderful repertoire! Enjoyment is the real purpose of the music experience!


SONOROUS No. 2 is a unique selection of twenty pieces for students in intermediate-advanced level. It is composed in five different styles: Classical, Jazz, Rock, Pop and Latin.  This book is presented in four progressive sets, in which the student plays and learns from different genres, in the same or similar challenging level.


With the teacher’s guidance and advice, the student learns and applies concepts about form, harmonic shifts, the use of different scales, dynamic contrast and expressivity in the Classical and Jazz pieces; as well as stylistic syncopation, harmonic loops and phrasing in the Rock, Pop and Latin pieces.


Have fun with this wonderful repertoire! Enjoyment is the real purpose of the music experience!


Produced in New York City by  Harold Gutiérrez - Production Coordinator: Yaremis Félix - Art Director: Mayra Alvarez / Harold Gutiérrez - 

Cover and Interior Illustrations: Mayra Alvarez - Cover and Interior Illustrations Concept: Harold Gutiérrez - Music Consultant: Adrian Gutiérrez.                                                     

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